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Real Estate Referral Program

Are you a real estate professional?

Estate Legal USA aka partners and works with estate attorneys in al 50 states. We help individuals who need help with estate planning services, including protecting their home by setting up a living trust. 

We are involved with family transitions

  • Family’s contact us to protect their estates (including assets and home)
  • We help individuals prepare a Will or create a living Trust. 
  •  Many times this is the scenario: Family member A is sick and or in the process of passing. Family member A and B contact us, to get a consultation with one of our attorneys or estate planners, in order to figure out if they should prepare a Will, or if they should create a living trust in order to protect their home / property from probate court. 
  • During this process we identify the needs of the family and create a rapport. 
  • On many occasions we identify that the family is most likely going to conduct and estate sale, and list and sell the property. We get the inside scoop before anyone else. 
  • When we identify the executor, trustee, or family is # 1 – about to sell the home, and  #2 they don’t have a real estate agent, or they want a cash buyer/ as is deal, we introduce our referral partners to the estate. 

The ‘Great Wealth Transfer’

84 trillion in assets is set to change hands over the next 20 years

As trillions in assets flow to heirs over the next two decades, their investing preferences could create new opportunities. Some trends are already emerging.

IT’S BEEN CALLED THE GREATEST WEALTH TRANSFER in history:1 $84 trillion in assets is set to change hands over the next 20 years, according to estimates by the consulting firm Cerulli Associates.

Source: Cerulli Associates, “The Cerulli Report: U.S. High-Net-Worth and Ultra-High-Net-Worth Markets 2021.”

This wealth transfer article was published on the Merrill Lynch website. 

All of these properties will in some way or another go through the legal process of Wills, Living Trusts, Estate Sales, etc… 

Are you positioned to be able to get these properties into your portfolio? 

How our referral program works

What we are not…

  • We are not a lead service. (This referral program is our way of monetizing the relationships we have already spent millions in advertising to build with: Executors, Trustees, Our Attorney Partners, and Families in the middle of transitions)
  • We are not desperate for partners
  • We are not looking for an overnight / short term partnership

Who we are

  • We are your best opportunity to position yourself to get amazing estate property deals
  • We are looking for long term partners with great track records in each U.S. county
  • We have built an amazing Estate Services Legal Network of: Estate Consultants, Estate Attorneys, Estate Sale Companies, and Real Estate Professionals

Estate Legal USA

The most trusted name in online estate planning and settlement.

Why choose Estate Legal USA’s Services? Our attorneys will help you get it done right. We have helped thousands of families every step of the way. 

Families come to us with questions like, “Can put a mortgaged property in a trust” 

90% of estates end up selling the inherited property after the estate sale and property cleanout. 

Wouldn’t you like to know (before your competitors) exactly who these estates in your area are? 


Attorneys in our network


consulting engagements


Completed Wills and Trusts
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Our Platform

Tailor made

Other sites offer cheap template software solutions. Estate Legal Service offers a superior service compared to those other sites. Hire us and one of our licensed attorneys will guide you every step of the way. 


Don’t put your family’s future in the hands of artificial intelligence. Here at Estate Legal you will work with a certified and licensed professional throughout the entire process.


We are obsessed with customer service! 


Our team of estate attorneys, estate planning gurus, and financial professionals will help you succeed!

Is this program free?

Have you ever heard the term ” You get what you pay for”? A referral from us is worth its weight in gold! You have an over 90% better conversion rate when you get your foot through the estate door early in the process. 

Depending on your market, if you want exclusivity, and other factors, is how we determine the rate. We also do multi-year partnerships. We normally will charge a referral fee/finder’s fee for each property you purchase through one of our referrals. We also charge a nominal account onboarding fee.

Yes. We want you to see, for yourself the value of being a part of our local vendor and partner network. You pay 50% upfront, and the other 50% in 6 months after you see results.

FAQ's takes your strategic business methods and privacy very serious! We understand that there are many companies out there soliciting real estate professionals. Therefore, we are a strict/no exceptions privacy policy. We will never share your name, your company name, or your methods or results with any 3rd party for any reason. Your info is kept private and only shared, when relevant with the local estates we refer you to.

Yes. Depending on the membership tier account level you choose. Some accounts allow you to set your service areas to a few zip codes, other account levels allow you to work in multiple counties, or even multi-state. 

We prefer cash buyers who actually put the properties under contract and close on the deal themselves. However, we do understand our referral partners need to have an exit strategy, and the option to assign the deal to other trusted buyers. As long as we don’t receive any complaints about you not following through on a deal, we allow wholesaling. 

Our management team would have to review your credentials and approve an exclusive deal. When we say ‘exclusive’ we mean, you’re the only partner in a certain geographical area. Normally, we have at least 3 – 5 partners per county (depending on county size). You never share leads since we use a round-robin leads/referral distribution system. We have had some larger cash buyers offer more money for a chance to be the only cash buyer in their county. We consider these types of arrangements on a case-by-case basis. Please consult with your Estate Legal relationships manager.


We proudly serve all 50 U.S. states. If someone from our business development team has reached out to you, this means we serve your area, and are getting these types of estate property deal opportunities near you.

Referral Partner Levels

We offer 3 different referral partner membership tiers. Only 50% due at commencement and the remaining 50% due in 6 months.

Gold Level
Estate Home Sales
Contact for fees
(Service area) For up to 3 zip codes
  • We qualify the leads & referrals
  • If we identify the estate wants to sell the home, in as-is condition, or quickly to a cash buyer, or via a realtor, we facilitate the referral
  • Good for Realtors or Investors
Platinum Level
Contact for fees
(Service area) For up to 15 zips or 3 Counties
  • We qualify the leads & referrals
  • Everything the Basic level has plus more
  • Upgrade options for exclusivity
  • more details below...
Prime Level
Most Popular
Contact for fees
(Service area) For up to 50 zip codes, 7 counties, or entire state
  • Everything Platinum level has to offer plus more
  • upgrade options for exclusivity
  • Payment plan available 50% due upon commencement and 50% due in six months
  • Good for high-capacity Brokers or Investors.

What's next?

If you’d like to be considered for our estate property sales referral program, please send us an email to:


If we have already contacted you, please check your email for any follow up questions we might. Please only communicate with our relationships manager who already contacted you. This helps avoid confusion.


Since we work with licensed fiduciaries, for legal and ethical conflicts reasons, we do not offer estate services directly to anyone we are considering for our program or for any of our active partners. Please do not attempt to solicit or use our valuable resources in our chat feature, since these estate consulting team members are trained to only work with active / valid estate matters.

If our management team approves you to be one of our local vendors/referral partners, we will send you a copy of our referral partne rship agreement, which will be sent for your review.